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Global Newsstand: The EU is more unified than many people think, and more

“The notion that the European Union has never been less united than now has taken hold in the public consciousness,” writes Miguel Otero Iglesias. “The recurring theme is that EU countries are unable to agree on euro reforms, on migratory flow management, on how to deal with growing aggressiveness from the US, Russia and China…. […]

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A Judge Ruled Roger Stone Can Still Talk To The Press, Just Not In Front Of The Courthouse

Stone’s lawyers, prosecutors, and lawyers for witnesses are barred from making statements to the press or in public “that pose a substantial likelihood of material prejudice to this case.” View Entire Post ›

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Got Dragged For Suggesting People Who Are “Unwilling To Work” Should Get Paid. Advocates Say That’s The Point.

“This idea that somehow people who are unwilling to work are bad or lazy is a horrible idea.” View Entire Post ›